Choose what you need…

A conversation led to a thought.

J: You know why they give us biscuits to eat with tea?
D: Hmmm! what do you think?
J: Because they want us to fill our stomach and eat less for lunch 😀
D and JS: So the intelligent thing to do is not to eat the biscuit at all, so you can have a good lunch later. After all the choice is ours.
J: No! what is still better is to eat this biscuit, work hard, come back and eat lunch so both goes in 😀

Aha! 😀 😀 😀 all of us had a good laugh.

But it got me thinking. Most of us want both, cause both we think is good for us in some way (in reality, it’s not). Maybe we don’t need it but still we take it because it is in the platter served for us right in front of us. We forget about the consequenses and plunge in. Later to realise there is something better prepared for us and to receive that, we cannot be full. We need to work harder (realise, and return) in order to receive what was truly meant for us.

It’s there, right there in front of us. And what we choose matters not only for our body but also for our soul. 

Choose what you need and not what you want. 

It is better to work hard to know what you need rather than working hard to wash away the consequences. 

O God fill me with prudence, with wisdom that comes from You alone so that I may wisely choose and walk in Your plan. 


Who made the CRIB?

Its been 10 moths since I last wrote a blog. A very long gap for a blogging site it is 🙂 and people who read my blog have started asking me….”what happned?”
Well! I cannot say nothing happened, a lot has been happening and continue to happen each and every day of my life. So many things that sometimes, a time to just sit back, think and write is what I miss the most. 
I do not have many readers but the few who do, have been very genuinely following and waiting for another blog entry and I dont want to keep them waiting any longer 🙂 Thank you for the motivation you give me just by asking. 


We have heard it many times, that the one who created knows the best about what s/he has created and so God being the creator of this world knows everything with its minute details, that includes us 🙂 He knows us the best. We all know it! We have heard it many times, have reflected on it and its so easy to understand. And sometimes even when we understand things there are times when the realisation strucks you. It happens with me and I smile 🙂 when it happens.

Last Christmas it was with great enthusiasm that I made a crib at home, with much work and lot of passion. Many people appreciated it. Many people asked, “who made the Crib?”
When they knew it other questions followed; how it was made, what all materials I used, how much time it took and many such details.

Few other times they did not ask me, they asked other folks at home. One such day when I was in the kitchen, a person was asking details about how the crib was made and mom was giving the answers. I was listening and there were some things which I heard were not the right details and I thought to myself, ‘uff oh! why is it that they are not asking the one who made the crib about such minute details. And just when I thought this, ‘click’
Aah! Divya…….wait a minute 🙂 [I smiled]  A realisation had struck me right then 😀

God being my creator, how many times have I sat with God asking him about myself, my life?

In the above situation, the person asking mom was known to her, they had a relationship of friendship between them and it was easier for the person to ask her than me.

🙂 Another one there 🙂

Was it because I did not have a realtionship with my creator that I did not go to Him with my questions?

🙂 One more 🙂

The one who asked listened carefully, getting more details, clearing doubts, appreciating.

OK, even if I keep asking, when was the last time I sat and also listened…..???

Who made the crib was not the question anymore…….

Who made me? What is the kind of relationship I have with Him? Am I listening to His voice?

Lord, may I always seek Your will
May I quiten the many voices and listen to Yours


Today I was just going through some old sharings that I had made in a group (dates back to 15th Aug 2005).
Ten years have passed and I am today thanking the Lord for these ten years, the way He has moulded me. A quick read into memories 🙂


Today we celebrated Mother Mary’s feast and Independance day…….in our church…..n fr. shared
a lil story during the homily… goes like this (i’l try to make it short) 

there was a sculptor who made a beautiful idol of a god….n he had to transport this idol to another place for which he used a donkey… the donkey was carrying this idol on it’s back…….it didnt realise wht it was carrying but then as it was going ppl were bowing down and the donkey felt really gr8……it wud stop at places so tht ppl wud see it n bow down……after the statue reached it’s desti…the donkey took the same way bk thinking ppl will definately bow down at it…….by this time he was really elevated to cloud no: 9……
but when it stopped at places it didnt get the veneration n respect……instead ppl startd hitting the donkey cause it was blocking the way……..

mmm i am sure u all must have understood this lil story…….we all tend to forget at times when ppl praise us…tht it is all beacause of God tht we r praised by ppl…….God has given us everything….so when ppl tell us tht u r a wonderful person……or anything else……..we shud actually remeber to thank God

as of me……..sometimes i feel very embarrased when ppl appreciate me…..cause i am afraid….tht i might
get elevated to cloud no:9:-)…….but now i jus say thank u Lord and pray that i may be humble n to keep me away from the evil of pride….pride really takes us away from Him cause the “I” factor comes in……


As I read this I thank the Lord for all His blessings. All these years could not have been possible without him. The way He has helped me mature and grow is just amazing. I thank the Lord for making me the Donkey that carries Him, making me realise it’s not I but He.

He must Increase but I must decrease (John 3:30)

Coffee STAINS :)

Few days back I was sitting for a training programme and here we were free to carry coffee mugs to our classroom. One participant had kept an almost empty coffee mug beside me near the wall.

Not noticing the mug, I got up to go for a presentation and woah!  splash!
Some on the floor and some on my feet.
I gave the presentation without bothering much, but my feet felt sticky after a while. I looked at the floor, the spilt coffee remained there, part of it drying up.

My feet got stickier and uncomfortable and the thought of the coffee drying up on the floor made me think. Wasn’t it better to wipe it off now? Will it not stain the floor? Oh! Those stains can be removed but does it mean more work on the stains.
It should be cleaned now!

I got up from my seat, took a few tissues and wiped off the floor. Some of it was already dry but I tried. My feet was still sticky but at least the floor was clean so I waited for the session to get over and washed my feet too.

Coffee stains can be removed.

What if these stains were words and actions spilt onto someone. Not bothering we walk away. Waiting for time to heal the wounds. I felt the sticky coffee on my feet, my wrong words and actions would someday start making me feel uncomfortable. And its only then I would revisit the spilt moments of my life and then the wonder……is it too late to wipe off those stains?

Wash off now cries the heart
Wash off before its late
Mend those wounded relationships
Coz it’s not just coffee stains of the past


I was cleaning out my closet full of old clothes….and every one of them had a story, so each time I picked them up to discard I would have second thoughts on keeping it….i still wear many of them….coz that’s what I’ve been taught to (to wear them till they last). Growing in inches makes me give them to younger relatives…..but I still have some of those which I never wanna give out…and it adds to the piled up clothes that I hardly look back to.


There is no point in keeping things inside the box forever….open it….explore….and make new!

And this Easter Tridum I took them out….all three days wore sarees that had been lying there for a long time….

It was Easter!

When I was a kid, I got new clothes almost every Easter but as I grew up, I managed with clothes that I had used once or twice. This Easter too I chose to wear from the old lot and out of the many choices my husband wished I wore a particular Saree. Like any other cloth that I stacked up and brought back memories, this too brought back memories. It was the saree I wore for our engagement. It was the best for me that day. It was quite heavy with the golden work in it. It was not my regular style. I liked things more simple and so laid in front of him other choices but after a lot of thinking and double checking with others at home, I finally decided to wear this saree. It was uncomfortable but I wore it. It had a special story attached to it.

It was Easter!

On Easter Christ gave us new life… everything that we talk about is about ‘newness.
What was new this Easter?

Jesus was piled up there somewhere among all the other things. Yes! He was there.
He was dear to me and I have had an experience with Him… was a story.
But I had to pick Him up from the piles, bring Him back to the front, He was the best when I experienced Him first but had gone down to just remain a story. Every time I saw Him, He looked majestic but I could not adorn myself with Him because He was not my style.

But He was still there and that was for a reason. It was only I who was keeping Him away. I had to make a choice. To bring Him back in my life. It might be uncomfortable because my style was different. But Christ fits in every style, because He made me the way I am.

Just like I dig out the clothes and remember the stories and then decide to wear it again and create new moments with it…I need to bring Jesus out from the things that I have piled up on Him……get back to Him and be with Him and make new memories with Him…..that’s the new life that we need to live…..making new memories and experiences with Christ.

Maybe it’s time to dig deep……Its time to search through…..where is Christ?
And you’ll find Him right there bringing back memories and when you start wearing (being with) Him again, you make new memories to cherish………….

I was cleaning out my closet full of old clothes….and every one of them had a story, so each time I picked them up to discard, I would have second thoughts on keeping it…I re-lived those memories….i still wear many of them….making many new memories with them….coz that’s what I’ve been taught to (to wear them till they last…and Jesus always lasts) Growing in inches makes me give them to younger relatives….growing in His love makes me share His love….but I still have some of those which I never wanna give out……I become selfish and want to keep Jesus with me….and it adds to the piled up clothes that I hardly look back to…and He becomes something so precious that I put him inside a box to be kept safe, hardly talking to Him……

So start adorning yourself with Christ and live “new” moments with Him! 🙂


I am not an avid gardener, nor is it a hobby but do have an interest and hope that someday I will own a kitchen garden to cater to my kitchen needs….

Minimal knowledge of how vegetables grow, whether it needs seeds or branch or just a small piece of the same vegetable……i tried my best to find out how a dry curry leave plant can re-grow. Finally turning to my mom, she said, ‘just cut it and put it in another pot and so one day I managed to hop down on my lil balcony and cut the dried up stem and put the cut portion in another pot hoping that this would grow.

I had to travel for the next 4 days and so had the two pots drenched in water. My mom-in-law said, ‘it doesnt grow like that’, so I said, just trying, lets hope’. A little heartbroken with the attempt and the comment I came back home to find little leaves coming out of the existing dry stem and not the one that was cut off from this stem.

I saw it growing everyday and the cut off branch had no leaves yet. I felt happy to have made the decision to cut it off and all the more happy to see the curry leave plant growing everyday.

Sometimes, it’s the same with our lives too. We might have become so dry not bearing any fruits, and so God cuts off a little portion from us. Because He wants us to grow and maybe it was that little thing that was not helping us grow. It pains….letting go off a part of you, but it is the very action needed from us.

It was not the cut off stem which was re-planted that grew, but the base stem of which a part was cut off. So the base stem now got the freedom to grow, and likewise we too need the freedom to grow fresh and grow big, grow into the person God wants us to be and for that I need to let God rip me off my my unwanted self.

I allow God to prune me during this Holy Week, ripping me off my selfishness and making me a new person. I know it will pain but the joy that it will give me and when my creator looks at me with a smile will be a moment beyond compare.

Have a Blessed Holy Week! 🙂

Thank You :)

2013 was a blessed year indeed 🙂 completely blessed
And I say blessed because this year, it was not just good or exciting but it was pure blessings from above, a time to settle down.

Beginning of the year, I tried to settle down. Not that I was not, but without a job, sitting at home I felt really awkward.
Yes, marriage brings changes in lifestyle but no work, no ministry and a travelling husband makes one dull and I understood this in 2012. I was looking forward for a change in 2013 and attempted to settle down, settle down with the confusions inside of me. I did manage to, when I got a job in Cochin but I knew the same day it was not meant to last.

Life changed when I left Cochin in two months. Again wondering what next.
But God’s ways of settling you down is different and its exciting 🙂 and completely blessed.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away (Job 1:21)
He gifted me and He took away the gift (of a baby). A miscarriage in the first month. Sad but not dismayed. A D and C followed to bring out the dead baby and then
The course of things changed with what happened to be a medical negligence during the D and C…an operation…..ICU……still high pregnancy hormones levels….MRI Scan….PET CT Scan leading to the treatment for a cancerous tumor.

Came out of it and started life anew. New job, back into ministering. This was my year 🙂 and this was God’s way of settling me down. Coz when He did, I felt good. I was confined in a room for a few months, with a germ free environment (my family took care of everything) and it was just simple joy to be in God’s love.

He settled me of my thoughts and gave me new dreams. He settled me of my worries and took care of all that mattered. He settled me down and kept me smiling. He settled me down just so that I may be with Him. He settled me down so that I may love Him.

I am happy God used me when He settled me down 🙂 because it was not just my faith He increased, but the faith of many. I believe “He’s still working on me” and each one of us. I pray that you may have a blessed year ahead and may you find God’s loving presence every moment of your lives.

This is just part of my testimony…….I wanted to quickly write it down in a few words before the year ends thanking the Lord for this year, thanking everyone who prayed for me.

I feel privileged to be in God’s hands 🙂 Do you??? 🙂
May God bless you!
Jesus loves you loads 🙂

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